9000 - 1062

Year : 2012
Maximum paper size: 1,060mm x 740mm
Minimum paper size : 400mm x 330mm
Maximum punching size: 1,050mm x 735mm
Maximum holding width: 8mm (3mm for grip)
Punching forcé: 300 tonnes
Paper thickness 0.1mm-1.5mm (up to B corrugated paper)
Chase interior size:1,070mm x 760mm
Cutting plate size: 1,084mm x 750mm
Table stroke: 62mm
Maximum punching speed: 8,000 sheets/hour
Overall length: 5,563mm
Overall height: 2,185mm
Overall width: 2,195mm
Total weight: 16.5 tonnes

State-of-the-art high performance original feeder.
Oil-less separator.
Adjustable timing for pile paper remains detector warning improves operability.
L-shape angle iron and index board indicating colour lines as a standard device.

Register Board
Single feeder brush movement as standard.
Sheet advance wheel on feeder table.
Front and side registration with quick change of push and pull for side lay.
Double sheet detector on feeding roller section and side lay.
Guard at feeding side of punching section to catch foreign material.
Embossed stainless steel type feeder board for abrasion free operation.
Six feeding belts which can be adjsted on both sides.

300 ton punching pressure.
Automatic locking of chase and cutting plate.
Centre Line.
Toggle drive to enable balanced cutting pressure.
Thin plate system.
Touch screen controls.

Quick lock top pin system.
Removable top and bottom frames.
Centre Line.
Double action stripping.

Gripper bar running opn mechanism to improve piling.
Installation of the non-stop belt
(automatically controlled).
Air brake device and releasable brush brake device.
Batch count for pile available.
Pre-set speed station is installed.
Machine in production